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Creating or Updating SRV Records

Service Records (SRV) are resource records used to identify computers that host specific services. For example, a client issues a request for the SRV Record to find the host name that provides the service for a specific domain name. The service might be used on that domain name or may be called from a different one.

To Create or Update an SRV Record

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. In the My Products section, click Domain Manager.
  3. Click the domain name to update.
  4. In the Total DNS section, click Total DNS Control.
  5. Click Add SRV Record or click  for an existing record you want to edit.
  6. Complete the following, and then click OK:
    • Name — The host name or domain name the SRV is linked to. For example, “server1.” If you want to link the record to your domain name, enter the @ symbol.
    • Service — The service name of this SRV record. For example, “_ldap”, “_ftp”, “_smtp”.
    • Protocol — The protocol used for the service. For example, “_tcp” or “_udp”.
    • Priority — The priority for the SRV record. For multiple records that have the same Name and Service, clients use the priority number to determine which Target to contact first.
    • Weight — The weight of the SRV record. For multiple records that have the same Name, Service, and Priority, clients use the weight number to determine which Target to contact first.
    • Port — The port number of the service. For example, “80″ or “21.”
    • Target — The host name of the server that provides the service described by this record. For example, “” Please note that this host name must be an “A” or “AAAA” type in the DNS zone for the domain name that provides the service.

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